Transparent Sexy Pink Heart Fancy babe: part of me .

16 martie 2013

part of me .

-Hair- .:EMO-tions:. * LALA * /brown -GroupGift-
-Skin- {AimiSkin} Carrie_Natural_No Freckles_No cleavage_Passionate -New!-
-Eyeliner- {AimiSkin} Eyeliner V1_5 -New!-
-Glasses- {*I <3 FashiOn*}  Divas Sunglasses - Black
-Top- ~Sassy!~ Sheer silk top - white  -New!-
-Pants- [I][I][M] Bell Bottom Stripes + Bonus Grey(wear me!) (Includes pasties) -New!-
-Feet- Meli Imako Free!!! Full Perm Rigged Mesh Ladies Meli Tip Toe Bare feet - Fashion Kit - Free@Marketplace.

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